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Module 1

Could I start a business in Lapland?

In this module, we will discuss the concept and foundations of entrepreneurship.

We will consider entrepreneurs’ capacities, competence profiles, strengths and values. Lapland is a unique operating environment, and we will take a look at the opportunities it offers for entrepreneurship. We will also explore how entrepreneurs can earn a living in Lapland. In addition, we will identify business opportunities and threats, with the aid of anticipation and megatrends. We will consider the impact of sustainability and societal trends on the development of business ideas.

Time 27 h
  • Extent of the module: 1 credit
  • Assessment: pass/fail
  • Level: European Qualifications Framework (EQF) level 6


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You will familiarize yourself with the content covered in the “Could I start a business in Lapland?” module.

1. Entrepreneurship and enthusiasm

Consider, what are your capacities for entrepreneurship.

2. Strengths, competences, networks and values

Consider your own strengths and competences as entrepreneur and also assess how the building of networks benefits entrepreneurs.

3. Lapland offers opportunities

Familiarize yourself with Lapland as a business environment and hear how entrepreneurs have utilized Lapland’s special features in their business.

4. Foresight and megatrends

You will familiarize yourself with the effects of sustainable development and societal trends in the development of a business idea.


When you have completed all the lessons of module 1  “Could I start a business in Lapland?”, you can access the next module here:

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