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Module 2

From an idea to a business concept

The idea depends on what kinds of customers you should sell a product or service to and target your marketing efforts. By getting to know the customers and their needs, you will know in which direction you should develop your business concept. In addition to the idea, a decisive point is how you implement it. We consider what can be learned from competitors and what opportunities cooperation can offer. Finally, we check that your business concept takes into account different viewpoints about change as well as growth opportunities. 

Time 27 h
  • Extent of the module: 1 credit

  • Assessment: pass/fail 

  • Level: European Qualifications Framework (EQF) level 6 


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You will get familiarized with the content covered inside the module “From idea to a business concept”.

1. Own idea

You will learn to spot ideas and turn problems into opportunities.

2. Customer and user 

You recognize the difference between a customer and a user and know how to search for information about them.

3. Target groups

You will learn to target your own business idea and evaluate different target groups.

4. Competition and cooperation

You acknowledge the competition and the possibilities of cooperation.

5. Developing your own idea

You develop your own idea forward.

6. A working business concept

You will learn to evaluate a business idea from different perspectives.


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