Entrepreneurial Plan

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Entrepreneurial Plan

Entrepreneurial Plan is a workbook that you work on during each module of Startup Lapland online studies. 

Entrepreneurial Plan is an interactive pdf document, which you fill in as you progress through the online learning tasks. Download the document from the link below. The online learning tasks consist of a variety of content: texts, multiple choice exercises, videos, podcasts, etc. Entrepreneurial Plan brings together the first steps of your personal path to entrepreneurship into one document. 


Steps for completing Module 1 “Could I start a business in Lapland?“: 

  1. Download Entrepreneurial Plan Workbook to your computer. 
  2. Start your online studies with module 1 “Could I start a business in Lapland?”. 
  3. Complete the tasks in Module 1. 
  4. If the task is part of Entrepreneurial Plan Workbook, the task includes a description of which Entrepreneurial Plan task it is. Fill the task into the Entrepreneurial Plan. 
  5. Go back to the tasks in Module 1.

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