Are you dreaming of a career as an entrepreneur? Would you like to live and make your dream come true in Lapland?

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Hi! Are you dreaming of a career as an entrepreneur? Would you like to live and make your dream come true in Lapland? 

The Startup Lapland will help you identify your strengths as an entrepreneur. You will explore Lapland’s unique operating environment, which offers you countless opportunities. You will receive tools for planning and implementing business operations, paying attention to financial profitability, sales and marketing. People who do business in Lapland will share their entrepreneurial stories and the key lessons they have learned along the way with you. 

You can complete the studies at your own pace and will receive a certificate of competence for each completed module. Each module is worth one ECTS credit. The entire course consisting of five modules is therefore worth five ECTS credits. During the course, you will compile a feasible entrepreneurial plan. 

You can start the Startup Lapland course today by registering to the learning platform. Welcome aboard! 

Welcome to our free Startup Lapland online course!

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For whom?

The course is suitable for anyone interested in business in Lapland, as well as university students and people planning to start a business in Lapland. No previous knowledge of entrepreneurship is required. You also do not need to have a business idea to take the course. 


The course consists of five modules, each worth one ECTS credit. You can complete either one or all five modules according to your own learning needs. The Startup Lapland course will teach you:

  • To understand your entrepreneurship capabilities and opportunities to do business in Lapland.
  • To identify the potential for productising your expertise and the potential end users of your product/service. 
  • To be aware of the importance of marketing and sales in promoting your business, especially in terms of branding. 
  • To understand the factors affecting business finances and to plan how to make a living as an entrepreneur. 
  • To develop a feasible and economically viable entrepreneurial plan that exploits the opportunities offered by Lapland’s business life. 


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Welcome to developing your entrepreneurial skills. I’m Kati Koivunen, one of your teachers. 

The Startup Lapland consists of five separate self-study modules, and you earn five ECTS credits by completing them all. By taking the modules, you will learn about entrepreneurship and Lapland as an entrepreneur’s operating environment. 

People who do business in Lapland will share their entrepreneurial stories and the key lessons they have learned along the way with you. With the aid of assignments and tests, you will develop your own feasible entrepreneurial plan. 

In the first module, you will consider your strengths as an entrepreneur and explore the impact of digitalisation and other societal trends on business development. 

In the second module, you will start to design your product or service based on your initial business idea, paying attention to the potential customers and their needs with the aid of methods such as user-driven development. 

In the third module, we will move from the product to the market, which means that you will understand the phases of marketing and selling your product or service, not forgetting branding and storytelling.  

Having a good business idea is of course not enough, and you must also consider the finances and profitability of your business activities. These are the things you will focus on in the fourth module. 

In the last module, you will get an idea of what a business plan consists of and learn to assess the feasibility of your business idea. 

The main themes of the course are the entrepreneurship opportunities in Lapland, sustainable development and responsible business. 

I hope you became interested in the Startup Lapland course and will join me in exploring entrepreneurship and making your business idea the next success story in Lapland! 


Modules 3-5 are only available in Finnish language. Videos on this page and in modules 1-2 have English subtitles. Please enter select English Subtitles in YouTube player.

Module 1

Could I start a business in Lapland?

You become aware of your own strengths as an entrepreneur and understand social trends that affect the development of a business idea.

Module 2

From an idea to a business concept

In the Module 2 We focus on ideas and their development.

Moduuli 3

Tuotteesta markkinoille

Tässä moduulissa tutustumme markkinoinnin ja myynnin nykyaikaiseen ajatteluun ja keinoihin.

Moduuli 4

Raha ratkaisee

Tunnistat yritystoiminnan taloudellisia tekijöitä kannattavassa liiketoiminnassa ja opit suunnittelemaan toimeentuloasi yrittäjänä.

Moduuli 5

Pidemmällä bisneksessä

Tunnet liiketoimintasuunnitelman laatimiseen ja yrityksen perustamistoimiin liittyvät tekijät ja osaat analysoida oman liikeideasi toteuttamiskelpoisuutta.


Entrepreneurial Plan

During your studies, you will put together a ready-to-implement Entrepreneurial Plan. Entrepreneurial Plan is a workbook, the tasks of which you work on during each module of the studies.


The Startup Lapland course is available free of charge. The course consists of five separate self-study modules. Each module can be taken as a standalone module, and you can choose the order in which you wish to complete them. 


You can take the Startup Lapland course online course anywhere and at any time. Each course module includes lessons and assignments. The modules have estimated completion times so that you can plan your study schedule. 

What happens after the course?

By completing the Startup Lapland course, you earn five ECTS credits. Each module is worth one ECTS creditYou will receive a certificate for each successfully completed module.